Suspicious wife fails to get good password advice from The Guardian

Suspicious wife fails to get good password advice from The Guardian

From the relationship advice column of yesterday’s edition of The Guardian newspaper:

‘My husband’s password is his ex-girlfriend’s name. I am devastated. What made him change it?’

My husband’s password is his ex-girlfriend’s name for almost every account, and I am devastated. After a few months of our marriage, I came to know about his past relationship. In the first two years of our marriage we had a lot of fights about his ex, but things eventually settled down when she got married. Good riddance, I thought.

We’ve been married for almost six years and recently I came to know his password is her name. It was a shock. When I confronted him, he threatened to abandon me and take some other woman. I retreated. But I am heartbroken and burning from inside. What made him change his passwords to her name when initially they were different?

Obviously the best advice is for the woman to leave the idiot.

Not because he is clearly still obssessed with his ex-girlfriend (hey, maybe his former girlfriend’s name is seventeen characters long, and full of weird symbols) but because he’s using the same darn password for every account!



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As for the man’s threat to abandon the woman and find another wife over this password kerfuffle, surely he’s going to find it hard to find a new partner called Hunter2?

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